Tesla Model 3 – level 2

Tesla Model 3 – level 2

07-04-2016 07:00

Tesla, a company which makes electric cars, unveiled its first affordable car. It calls it the Tesla Model 3 and it will cost you 35,000 US dollars.

Even before knowing what the car looked like, many people waited in lines to put down a 1,000-dollar deposit on the car. However, even if you reserved the car, you have to wait until late 2017.

Tesla plans on making 500,000 cars a year. Last year, it managed to produced just over 50,000.

The car will go at least 350 kilometres per charge, and the base model will do 0 to 96 kilometres per hour in less than six seconds. Other models will be able to go faster.

Difficult words: unveil (show people for the first time), deposit (some money which you pay to reserve something), base (the least expensive version).

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