Thai police find a camp - level 3

Thai police find a camp - level 3

05-05-2015 15:00

Thai police have discovered at least 30 graves believed to belong to migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh at what authorities say is an abandoned trafficking camp in a remote jungle. In the south of Thailand, a total of at least 30 graves were found in what's been described as a well-set-up smuggling camp.

According to police, four bodies have been exhumed, and the graves are the first discovery of their kind in the country. Two other bodies that had not been buried and left to rot in the open were also found. One survivor was rescued and taken to hospital.

The discovery highlights the brutal nature of the trafficking trade in which hundreds are believed to have died in camps or at sea.

Every year, thousands of Rohingya and Bangladeshi boat people arrive in Thailand brought in by smugglers. Many are taken by roads to camps in the jungle where traffickers demand a ransom to smuggle them south across the border to Malaysia.

Difficult words: abandoned (without people), traffic (trade in something illegal), smuggle (to move something illegally), exhume (to dig out),  rot (when bacteria and small animals eat something), in the open (on the ground), highlight (to draw special attention to), ransom (a sum of money).


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