The Chinese built a hotel in 15 days - level 3, A12

The Chinese built a hotel in 15 days - level 3, A12

24-01-2012 23:00

When people were building a skyscraper in the past, it usually took months, sometimes years. It is not true anymore, and certainly not in China.

A Chinese construction company has built a new thirty floors hotel. A thirty floors high hotel itself is nothing special. What is special is that time the company needed to build it. They needed just 15 days!  Two hundred builders built this hotel. It is a luxurious five-star hotel. Guests can stay in 316 comfortable rooms, 40 apartments and 2 president apartments.

The speed of the building didn’t influence quality of the new hotel. The hotel is very solid. To build a hotel with such speed was possible thanks to a new construction technique, which the company developed. In fact, 93% of the material used was made some time ago. The total costs were 17 million dollars.

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