The coffin of Miguel de Cervantes - level 3

The coffin of Miguel de Cervantes - level 3

04-02-2015 15:00

Scientists believe they found the coffin of legendary Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes in a tiny chapel in Madrid.

After a nine month search, forensic experts have now reported that they’ve discovered two series of tacks from the thumb-sized initials “MC” on the coffin in the crypt believed to contain the remains of the Cervantes.

The bones inside the coffin which are apparently mixed up of those of other burials are now being analysed to see if they belong to the writer.

Archaeologists and anthropologists at the site say they cannot confirm they are his remains but are very excited about the coffin they've discovered.

Cervantes is best known for his 1605 novel “The Adventures of the Ingenious Nobleman Don Quixote of la Mancha” which changed Spanish literature in the 17th century.

Difficult words: legendary (extremely famous), tiny (very small), forensic (relating to the scientific method of investigating a crime or mystery that happened in the past), tack (a small nail), crypt (an underground room used as a burial place), burial (remains found in a grave), archaeologist (somebody who studies human history), anthropologist (somebody who studies humankind), confirm (to say something definitely happened), ingenious (very clever), nobleman (an aristocrat, a high-born).


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