The coldest village in the world – level 3

The coldest village in the world – level 3

28-02-2013 14:00

If you are tired of shivering and shaking because there seems no end in sight to winter, then spare a thought for residents of a Russian town that claims to be the coldest inhabited place on Earth.

Oymyakon lies deep in Siberia's Yakutia region and temperatures routinely drop to below minus 60.

Lumberjack Alexei Yegorov says it’s been like this for years. "When I was at school, it was minus 60 or 61 every year and it's still like this now, at least ten days in a row," he says.

Extreme low temperatures are far from being the only record held by Oymyakon. The Yakutian horse may well be called one of the wonders of the region. It is relatively small, but perfectly formed and very hardy.

Interesting words: shiver (shake from cold), spare (give extra), hardy (strong and healthy).

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