The Great Fire of London - level 1

The Great Fire of London - level 1

05-09-2011 18:00

The Great Fire of London was a big fire. It started on Sunday, 2 September 1666. It finished on Wednesday, 5 September 1666. It destroyed the City of London. It destroyed 13 200 houses and 87 churches. 70 000 people lost their homes. Only 10 000 people were lucky. Only these people had their homes. Only six people died. But maybe some poor people died, too. Nobody knows how many.

The Great Fire of London started maybe in the shop of Thomas Farriner. It was a shop with bread. The fire started after midnight on Sunday, 2 September. It went fast through the City of London. The boss of London didn’t know what to do. The fire went very fast. On Monday it was already in the centre of the City. On Tuesday it destroyed a lot of houses. On Wednesday the firemen stopped the fire.

After the catastrophe there were big problems. People didn’t have houses and money. They went out of London. They lived in other places.

Some people had new ideas about the reconstruction of London. They wanted better London. But other people built the same London. They didn’t change it.

Written by Hana

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