“The Jungle” camp in Calais - level 3

“The Jungle” camp in Calais - level 3

25-02-2016 15:00

French authorities have given those living in the southern part of Calais migrant camp, “the Jungle,” until Tuesday to leave or be forcibly removed. British organization the Worldwide Tribe visited Calais to find out more about the area and the changes that have occurred there.

“Here we managed to form our own community, our own family, now the government is planning to put all the refugees inside the new containers here. I see it is not quite enough for the whole population inside this camp.”

Officials plan to bulldoze the area they've made their home.

“They've built homes, they've built churches, they've built mosques, they've built community centres, they've built schools…”

“We've gained quite a number of unaccompanied children that have got no family here. We are very very concerned that if “the Jungle” goes, these children will be lost.”

“Long-term volunteers here have spent a lot of time trying to make this into some form of a small community and to get rid of it and make their lives havoc again...”

In protest, migrants and volunteers planted wildflower seeds in a recently demolished area of the camp.

Difficult words: forcibly (by force), unaccompanied (alone), volunteer (a person who helps without being paid anything), havoc (chaos).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

What do you think about this situation for the migrants and for France?

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