The Leaning Tower of London - level 2

The Leaning Tower of London - level 2

24-10-2011 15:00

Do you know Big Ben, the most famous London building? It is a tower with a clock near the River Thames. It is 96 metres high. Now there is a problem with this tower. It doesn’t stand straight and it goes to the side. People can see it now and tourists take a lot of photos of Big Ben.

One of the problems can be the people’s activity underground. They built the London Underground and a big car park under Big Ben.

Experts are not worried. They say it is still safe. But people gave Big Ben a new name. The name is “The Leaning tower of London” like the famous “Leaning Tower of Pisa” in Italy.

Written by Hana

Interesting words: straight, worried, safe, leaning.

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