The mask of Tutankhamun - level 2

The mask of Tutankhamun - level 2

22-12-2015 15:00

This news is about the mask of Tutankhamun, Egypt’s famous boy king. The mask was found and brought to the Egyptian Museum in 1924. Egyptian masks had beards on them. Tutankhamun’s beard was unattached.

People reattached the beard to the mask in 1941 with glue. The glue became worse over time, and the beard broke off in 2014. It happened when museum workers accidentally touched the mask.

People glued the beard back, but other people could see the glue and put pictures of the mask on the Internet. Peopled had to fix the mask properly. Now, after nine weeks of restoration work, it is back in the museum.

Difficult words: beard (facial hair), unattached (not attached – not fixed onto something), restoration work (the work of restoring – fixing something).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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