The new iPhone – level 3

02-10-2015 07:00

Apple’s latest iPhone models have hit stores across the globe, kicking off an expected global sales boom.

Thousands of fans in the world’s capitals queued up overnight to get their hands on the latest gadgets as soon as doors opened. Many endured sleepless nights and bad weather, but it was all worth it in the end.

“My boss at work suggested me I take one of their robots down and use it to, use it to stand in my place so I can carry on with everyday tasks.”

“I’m really excited. I’m really a big fan of the iPhone and they have the strongest, their claiming to have the strongest screen, so I guess that’s another reason why I’m excited.”

“I like to be the first to have it so… I just wanna have it now! I guess it’s a bit just selfish as I want to have it now, so I just wait in line and get it now!”

“We make YouTube videos, and you know, a big thing is the new iPhone… So we’re like, well, why not be the first ones to get it? And we travelled here!”

After a dramatic redesign last year in which the company enlarged the iPhone’s screen and added mobile payments, the latest versions boast more modest improvements. The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus feature improved cameras and 3D touch, a display technology that responds according to how hard users press their screens.

Apple claims demand for the smartphones could surpass the record-breaking sales of the iPhone 6 last year. Analysts expect 12 to 13 million phones to fly off the shelves in the first weekend.

Difficult words: gadget (a cool new piece of technology), endure (to suffer through something), claim (to say), screen (a display), boast (to have, to feature), feature (to have), surpass (be greater than), fly off the shelves (to sell quickly).



If you read and listen to two articles every day, your reading and listening skills can improve fast. You can learn quickly and after some time you will not have to translate into your own language. You will simply understand. Why should you do this?

When you listen to people in your native language, you do not translate. You simply understand. The same has to be in English. When you learn English, you have to learn the whole sentences in context.

Students, who translate English texts, do exercises and do tests are very good at translating, doing exercises and doing tests, but they have problems with understanding English in real life. In real life, nobody waits for your translation. People usually use simple English when they speak but they use it fast. You have to understand with no translation to your native language. If you translate, you cannot be part of communication because you are thinking about the language too much. These words are maybe hard to read but they are true.

You also have to hear every new word 5 to 10 times if you want to remember it. That’s why we use the same words in one level. If you read and hear the same words again and again, you will understand them and remember them. If you know words from one level, you can go to a higher level and learn new words. It is important to go step by step, and read and listen to words which are used in English often. This is what we do with our news. In our short news, we use words which are used in English often. Level 1 has the 1000 most important words. Level 2 has the 2000 most important words, Level 3 has the 3000 most important words.

So, if you want to understand English fast and learn fast, read two articles or more a day. You can improve your reading and listening quickly when you read easy English news. We will help you learn English fast and understand it. When you use this website every day, you can learn 3000 words which you need for communication with anybody in English.

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