The Shanghai Tower - level 2

The Shanghai Tower - level 2

22-05-2015 15:00

People are building China’s tallest building. Its name is the Shanghai Tower and they will finish it this summer. With 120 floors, it will be 632 metres tall.

It won’t be the world’s tallest building – it will be 200 metres lower than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. However, a chief architect explained that this is not a bad thing. He says that when a building which is the tallest in the world is built, there is a recession.

There was a recession when the Empire State Building was built. For the first ten years, it didn’t make any money! But now, it is one of the most successfully rented buildings. It is iconic, people know it and people want to be in it.

Shanghai Tower will house mainly financial institutions and government agencies.

Difficult words: recession (when the economy is not doing very well), iconic (famous), house verb (to provide somebody with a place).

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