The smallest dog - level 3

The smallest dog - level 3

19-09-2013 14:00

Oh gosh, it's the smallest dog in terms of height in the whole entire world!

Yes, little Milly here holds the Guinness World Record as she's a teeny-tiny 9.65 centimetres tall. That's about the height of an actual iPhone.

The chihuahua's owners Vanessa Semler and Edwin Pollack who live in Puerto Rico say they sometimes get a bit worried when they take her out for a walk.

"We have to be really careful with Milly because she is too small, so she can be easily lost in the house, outside in the garden or with other dogs.

“Also, when I go outside with her, sometimes I feel scared because she can be lost on the grass and also I feel scared because oh my God, I can step on her.”

“When people see Milly, they're acting really surprised because she is so small but always have so much love. People fall in love with her. She's so adorable."

Oh Milly, how cute you are! Fingers crossed you just don't grow anymore.

Difficult words: in terms of (with regard to), teeny (informal tiny), tiny (very small), adorable (adorable things fill you with love), fingers crossed (good luck with something).

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