The tallest building in Europe was open – level 3

The tallest building in Europe was open – level 3

05-02-2013 15:00

Londoners have been watching the rise of their towering new landmark for some time, but from Friday they can see the view from the inside for the first time. Europe’s tallest building, the Shard, has been opened to the public.

"This is a unique building, it's the only building I can think of that looks like the tip of an intergalactic spear! It's something that I think is going to capture people's imagination and loads of people are gonna wanna come up this thing!"

A hundred and thirty thousand tickets were sold ahead of the opening. And Euronews correspondent Ali May was one of the first to get a peek.

"It's impossible to come up here, see all these breathtaking views of the city, and not absolutely fall in love with it. This is London as you've never seen before. Ali May, Euronews, up in the sky."

Interesting words: towering (very tall), spear (pole with a sharp pointed blade at one end), loads of (a lot of), correspondent (someone who is employed by a newspaper), peek (look) breathtaking (fantastic).

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