The ugliest dog - level 3

The ugliest dog - level 3

03-07-2013 14:00

"Ladies and gentleman, earning the title of the world's ugliest dog…give it up for Walle!"

Poor little Walle here has been crowned the world's ugliest dog at a contest in California.

The four-year-old mutt is part Beagle, Basset and Boxer, making him stand out from the crowd with a slightly oversized head and humpback. One judge even said he looked like he was photoshopped from other dogs. But it's obviously a look worth having as Walle won the top prize of $1,500, with some of it being spent on him.

"What I'll do with the prize? I'm gonna go to New York. What are we supposed to do with the prize? Spend it on you? That's right!"

Beating 29 other canine contenders at the 25th anniversary of the contest, Walle was a surprise winner. He's now scheduled to make several TV appearances.

Interesting words: mutt (dog), humpback (round back), canine (dog), contender (competitor), scheduled (planned).

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