Thief steals from a drunk man – level 3, A12

Thief steals from a drunk man – level 3, A12

19-09-2012 22:00

A shocking incident at the train station in Stockholm has been captured on CCTV. A drunk middle-aged man is first seen falling off the platform being knocked unconscious as his head hits the tracks.

Shortly afterwards a bystander is seen looking around before jumping down to apparently rescue the man.

But, however, rather than helping him to safety he instead steals his valuables and leaves his victim on the tracks where he is then hit by an oncoming train.

“To me, it’s incredible that one could steal or rob from somebody who is lying in such a place where you know that’s if I don’t do something, then this person will in a worst case scenario get killed be the train that’s coming.”

Thankfully, the man survived, however, he was seriously injured and had to have half of his left foot amputated.

Swedish police are hoping that footage of the disturbing incident will help them find and arrest the unscrupulous thief.


Interesting words: unconscious (not knowing about the world around), bystander (someone standing by), rather than (instead of), valuables (things such as money, mobile, keys, watches), oncoming (coming), scenario (situation), unscrupulous (dishonest).


 This text is for Level 3. Please click here for Level 1 and Level 2.

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