This car can fly - level 1, A12

This car can fly - level 1, A12

20-06-2012 18:00

This week the company PAL-V showed its flying car. Its name is PAL-V One, and it starts a new period in our history.

On the ground the car goes like a sports car. After some minutes it can become a helicopter. Then it is ready to take off. It uses special technology.

The tests were successful. Now, it is possible to build a flying car which can be used for flying and driving.

Now, the company asks investors if they want to build the car together in the future.

The next step will be the design of the first commercial model. And first commercial cars will be built in 2014.

For 100 years people had a dream of a flying car. Many people tried to build this car. Now, this car can be built and used by everybody.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: ground, become, commercial.

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