This cat can jump 6 feet - level 3

This cat can jump 6 feet - level 3

18-09-2014 07:00

Alley the cat is purring with delight after she managed to scoop a world record for the longest jump by a cat.

Impressing Guinness World Record adjudicators, the flying feline managed to catapult herself to a record with a 6-foot leap (1.8 metres).

Despite her glowing talent, Alley is actually a rescue cat who was found in an alleyway in Chicago, along with three other cats.

After taking her in, owner and trainer Samantha Martin realised the furry feline had a very special talent.

“Alley started out as such a frail little kitty and to have her grow up and become strong and then eventually end up being a Guinness World Record holding cat is so exciting for us and for her because she had such, you know difficult beginnings, and now she's a star.

In a year's period we got her from jumping two, three feet, four feet, five feet and then finally right before she turned a year old she was able to leap the full six feet.”

Alley is so good she also ended up the star of Samantha's Amazing Acro-Cats show, which tours all around the United States.

Difficult words: purr (to make a sound which expresses happiness), adjudicator (person who adjudicates/makes a formal judgement), feline (cat), leap (jump), glowing (expressing admiration), furry (covered with fur which is an animal’s fine soft hair), frail (weak).


How many feet can your cat jump?

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