This man is not Kim Jong-un - level 3

This man is not Kim Jong-un - level 3

03-12-2013 06:00

lookalike of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been startling people in Hong Kong. The 34-year-old impersonator, known as Howard, certainly turned heads when he paraded down the city’s streets, drawing a crowd of passers-by trying to get a photo, but not everyone was fooled by the costume.

“I was surprised and I thought hey, I have seen anywhere before, but that was on German TV, and so I recognized him as a dual. I couldn’t believe that he’s the true one.”

Howard says he transformed himself into the North Korean leader earlier this year after his friends joked about the resemblance.

“When he came to power, when he was the president of North Korea, then I got a lot of comments that I look like the guy and then you know, we joked back and forth, yeah, maybe I should get dressed up and do some gigs with it. After all, I’m a musician so you know, it’s about the performance.”

Within weeks Howard was in great demand, being flown across the world to film TV commercials and make special appearances, and he hopes the work keeps coming.

“Well, I’m set up for life. What can I say? I mean, Reggie Brown, all these Obama impersonators, they got eight years! I’ve got a lifetime, unless he gets assassinated, that is. Which could happen, you never know. I’ve heard Kim Jong-nam is working something up.“

But if you want the Kim Jong-un lookalike at your party, it will set you back a pretty penny. He now charges the equivalent of 700 US dollars for an appearance.

Difficult words: lookalike (someone who looks similar to someone who is famous), startle (shock), impersonator (someone who pretends to be someone else), parade (walk around to be admired), draw (attract), resemblance (similarity), gig (concert), assassinate (to kill an important person).

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