This man wants to be married – level 3

This man wants to be married – level 3

07-02-2013 06:00

We’ve heard of extravagant marriage proposals, but one biker in America made sure when got down on one knee it literally was traffic stopping

Hundreds of bikers blocked vehicles on a major California freeway so that one of their members could propose to his girlfriend. In this stunt, the pack of bikers slowed to a crawl on the I-10 freeway near West Covina, causing other traffic to stop.

The groom-to-be then kicked off the proposal by spinning his back tire, which was custom crafted to emit a large plume of pink smoke.

He then hopped off his bike, got down on one knee and popped the question.

Although she said yes, it may not be a happy ending for this couple as police in America were less than thrilled with this stunt and the pair could now face criminal charges.

Interesting words: literally (actually), stunt (something that attracts people’s attention), crawl (very slow speed), groom-to-be (man who wants to get married), kick off (start), tire (wheel), custom crafted (made especially for one event), emit (craft (make something using a special skill), emit (send something out), plume (cloud of smoke), hop off (jump from something), pop (ask), thrilled (very excited), face (have to deal with).

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