This woman is a crab - level 3

This woman is a crab - level 3

16-09-2013 14:00

So whichever way you look at it, being a contortionist is pretty impressive. Leilani Franco has a talent and she can smile while doing it.

"Whenever I'm at a party my friends are always like, 'Leilani do a trick. Show people what you can do' and I say ok, and then I do something really weird and everybody gets really shocked."

Yeah we all did the crab as a kid, but she can backbend walk 20 metres in 10.05 seconds!

Afternoon tea is also interesting… I'll just have one, thanks.

"I grew up reading the Guinness Book of World Records every Christmas with my family and to be part of it and to be in it the series… The funniest, strangest feeling and I'm really excited and happy about it."

So Leilani's got two up on many of the other record breakers this year because she's broken three. The backbend walk, fastest time to travel 20 metres in a roll, 17.47 seconds, and most body revolutions maintaining a chest stand in one minute, twenty-five. If you thinking: "I recognise her", that's because she got to the semi-final of “Britain's Got Talent.” The future's bright and backward for this one.

Difficult words: contortionist (entertainer who bends their body into strange positions), weird (strange), revolution (moving in a circular way), backward (not forward).

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