Thousands of dead fish - level 3

Thousands of dead fish - level 3

25-08-2015 15:00

As they collect thousands of dead fish, the question being asked is how did they die? Nearly 50 tonnes of dead fish have been removed by residents at the Cajititlan Lake in Mexico. The discharge of waste from treatment plants into the freshwater lake is thought to be the cause.
"We're going to submit recommendations in the coming days regarding the fundamentally inadequate use of or operations of wastewater treatment plants around the lake which resulted in the lack of oxygen for the fish."

Local authorities had originally blamed the so-called "natural cycle" of the fish locally known as papocha for the mass deaths. But authorities told the media the deaths were very likely caused by man-made contamination.

"There have been a significant number of deaths, but I insist that the deaths are due to a lack of oxygen caused by the wastewater in the lake.”

Possible fines could be levied on the commercial plants around the lake if they are found guilty of not properly managing their waste disposal.

Difficult words: discharge (something which was discharged – allowed to flow out), fundamentally (in every important way), inadequate (not good enough), contamination (pollution), significant (large), insist (to say firmly that something is true), due to (because of), fine (the money you must pay for doing something wrong), levy (to impose – make somebody pay).


What do you think went wrong?

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