Three deer and two dogs - level 3

Three deer and two dogs - level 3

18-03-2014 07:00

A school in Maryland had an unexpected break-in on Tuesday, as a gang of deer crashed through the doors and ran around the halls.

This time-lapsed surveillance footage, released by Anne Arundel County Public Schools, shows the three deer entering the middle school in Lothian.

Two dogs then came through the broken door and chased the deer. Police responded to the incident after the school’s alarm system went off.

Local news reported that one deer died of extensive injuries and the others were euthanised. The dogs remain in a county animal shelter, but their owners have been located.

Difficult words: county (part of a state), go off (begin to sound), euthanise (put to death humanely), shelter (safe place).

Do you have deer in your country?

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