Three men escape from a prison - level 3

Three men escape from a prison - level 3

17-09-2014 15:00

This shocking CCTV footage captures the moment three fugitives break out of a detention centre after reportedly killing a guard in China.

The three men, identified as Wang Damin, Gao Yulun and Li Haiwei, walked out wearing police uniforms at around 4:40 a.m. on Tuesday.

The footage appears to show one of the inmates strangling the guard with his arm, as the other two inmates assist him.

The trio then walked out of the detention centre one by one.

Two of the three escapees have since been captured, but Yulun is still at large.

The three fugitives, one of whom had been sentenced to death, were unarmed at the time of the breakout. The other two are waiting to be convicted on charges of intentional injury and homicide.

Difficult words: CCTV footage (security camera video), fugitive (person who has escaped from somewhere), detention centre (a building that is like a prison), reportedly (according to what some people say), inmate (person who is in a prison), strangle (squeeze somebody’s neck to kill him or her), trio (three), at large (free), intentional (done on purpose), homicide (act of killing somebody).


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