Three suns in the sky - level 3

Three suns in the sky - level 3

29-01-2015 15:00

A rare celestial phenomenon has appeared in Mongolia where it looks like there are three suns in the sky.

The middle sun is the one we usually see every day, but the ones on either side are the sun’s smaller reflections, making it look like there are three on the horizon.

Staff at a local meteorological centre said the optical phenomenon is known as an anthelion, which means the reflection is caused by sunshine high in the sky and light passing through snow crystals in the air.

An anthelion appears only in a very rare situation when the temperature is lower than -30°C and the air is filled with clouds, vapour and ice crystals.

Difficult words: celestial (in the sky), phenomenon (a fact or a situation that sometimes happens), staff (a group of people who work somewhere), crystal (a clear and pointy thing kind of like a rock), vapour (a mass of very small drops of a liquid in the air).


Have you ever seen anything like this in your life?

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