Tiger kills a farmer - level 3

Tiger kills a farmer - level 3

22-01-2014 06:00

The result of a tiger attack in Uttar Pradesh in India, something that is becoming more and more common, as the big cat’s habitat continues to shrink.

Evidence to that effect emerged in 2010, when these pictures were released. An attack in the same area.

This incident happened much more recently. The tiger attacked a farmer and his father in Moradabad district, as they were busy working in a sugar cane field. The father was injured. The son was killed.

Wildlife experts say the tiger strayed into the area searching for food. Now, a hunt to find the big cat and drive it towards the Corbett National Park has been launched.

The attack happened on January 6th, but in the past few weeks, there have been reports of frequent sightings of tigers in the same village. Forest rangers and local officials swung into action shortly after the death to locate and capture the big cat. Sugar cane fields provide the animal with good cover though, and so far, they haven’t had any success.

There were around 40,000 tigers in India a century ago, but in recent years the tiger population has fallen, largely due to dwindling habitat and poaching. India’s big cats are under threat, and after attacks on humans, tigers often get killed in retaliation.

Difficult words: shrink (get smaller), sugar cane (tropical grass from which sugar is extracted), stray (walk slowly without a clear direction or purpose), swing into action (quickly begin acting or operating), due to (because of), dwindle (shrink), poach (catch animals illegally), retaliation (revenge).

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