Tiger needs help - level 3

Tiger needs help - level 3

21-06-2013 14:00

Now sticking needles into a tiger might not sound like a very wise move, but that’s exactly what’s being done at Israel's safari park where 14-year-old Pedang is being given acupuncture to help with a chronic ear condition. The Sumatran tiger was anaesthetized and carried out of his enclosure by around half a dozen staff before being given the treatment.

“What we did today is acupuncture in points that also should help him… eventually should help him to deal with his own medical issue.”

Needles were inserted into points close to Pedang’s ear to help healing and while acupuncture is a common technique in traditional Chinese medicine it can be tricky when it comes to wild animals like tigers.

"We did it on daily basis to cats, to dogs, horses, cows and it’s harder to do it to wild animals since you can't come closer to them."

The safari park turned to alternative medicine after conventional treatments failed to cure Pedang’s ear infection.

Interesting words: stick (push a sharp object into something), enclosure (area with a fence around it), tricky (complicated).

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