Time-lapse selfie video - level 3

Time-lapse selfie video - level 3

08-10-2014 07:00

A little different to your usual selfies, this selfie time-lapse video shows attack victim Alan Crowley's recovery after he was glassed in a bar.

The twenty-six year old was slashed in the face with glass during an unprovoked attack in a bar in Dublin three years ago.

Alan had already begun the process of taking a selfie everyday to create the video when the attack occurred.

The clip documents both the sudden change in his appearance and his slow recovery.

His face can be seen as normal at the beginning of the clip prior to the attack, but then changes when he suddenly appears with the horrific injury.

Instead of abandoning his time-lapse video, Alan decided to continue and recorded his progression, which now shows the healing of his face.

Difficult words: slash (cut with a wide movement), unprovoked (the young man did nothing which could lead to the attack), horrific (extremely bad), abandon (to stop doing something).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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