Time will change - level 1

Time will change - level 1

29-10-2011 21:00

Time will change tonight. Summer time will end. It will end in Europe, the USA and Canada. The time will go back one hour at 3 am on Sunday.

But there will be no change in Russia. The Russians will not sleep one hour longer. Dmitry Medvedev, the president of Russia doesn’t want to change time. Why? It is simple. The change is not good for people and cows. The cows don’t understand why they must wake up soon in spring and late in autumn. It is not good for them.

But businessmen want to change time in Russia. The time will be more different now between Germany and Russia. Germany is a good business partner for Russia. In winter the Russian businessmen will wait three hours every morning for their German business partners. It is not good for business. It is also a problem for computers. They are not ready for this change. Also, when you travel from Norway to Russia by car, the change of time will be 3 hours. It is not a normal thing in Europe.

Written by Danny

Interesting words: tonight, longer, different, Norway.

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