Toilets in a cafe - level 3

Toilets in a cafe - level 3

31-10-2013 14:00

No, we are afraid to say you are not seeing things. These people are indeed sitting on the toilet while eating food.

A new Taiwanese cafe in LA has decided the loo is wasted in the bathroom so have moved it into the dining room. Unsurprisingly, Magic Restroom Cafe is America’s first toilet themed restaurant. In a land where basic hygiene has been forgotten, diners sit on actual toilets while feasting upon pork over rice or spicy shredded chicken. The cafe bosses felt urinal cakes were a step too far, but are more than happy to serve food in miniature ceramic urinals and toilet bowls. And the punters certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.

“It’s very unique. And some people even put their purses inside the toilets. So, it’s hilarious.”

So there you have it folks, while some restaurants work hard not to go down the toilet, Magic Restroom Cafe has hit the big time by doing just that.

Difficult words:

indeed (really)

loo (toilet)

themed (stylised)

feast (eat a lot and enjoy it)

shredded (cut into small pieces)

punter (guest)

folks (people).

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