Tomatoes in Chile - level 3

Tomatoes in Chile - level 3

26-02-2014 15:00

It’s time again for Chile’s annual tomato fight where thousands of people flock to the city of Quilon to lob some 50 tons of tomatoes at each other.

“The music, the atmosphere, everything is great!”

“It is great what they’re doing but they shouldn’t throw at the spectators.”

And while most people enjoyed the fight, the day ended early for one participant.

“Doing well and then I felt a hit and I fell. I got up and continued throwing but after my face began to hurt more and it was better for me to leave. But it’s just a little thing. Nothing more.”

Chile’s war of the tomato spectacle is a take on the famed tomato festival in Spain.

There are now similar events also held Colombia, Costa Rica and the United States.

Difficult words: annual (it happens every year), flock (come together in large numbers), lob (throw), famed (famous).

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