Tortoise and a dog play - level 3

Tortoise and a dog play - level 3

13-04-2015 15:00

An eight-year-old tortoise and a three-year-old dog have become online sensations after a video of them playing chase went viral. In the video, the African Spurred Tortoise, called Sheldon, is seen chasing his friend Dolly, an American pit bull terrier, around its owner’s garden in North Texas.

It was filmed back in August 2014 by vet, Dr. Cynthia Jones, who adopted the two animals.

She said Sheldon only plays chase with Dolly and not her other pet, which is a Labrador retriever. Yeah, it must be love!

Difficult words: sensation (a popular thing), chase (a game when people/animals chase/follow and try to catch one another), viral (very popular), African Spurred Tortoise (a type of tortoise from Africa).


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