Town with no people in the US - level 2, A12

Town with no people in the US - level 2, A12

22-03-2012 18:00

Buford is the smallest town in the US. This town is well-known in the US because it had only 1 person.

Its last person was working in his own shop 10 hours a day. Almost 1000 people visited his shop every day in summer. But in winter, he had only about 100 visitors a day.

The man decided to leave. He was living in the empty town for 32 years. His house, garage, shop and a petrol station are for sale now. A post office and an old school house are for sale too.

The town in high in the mountains and it lies on the road which connects New York and California. In the past, the town had almost 2000 people. The town offers a great view of the Rocky Mountains. It has also extremely cold winters and a lot of winds. You can hear winds in the video.

These are the words from the video. It is not easy to understand because the wind is strong and the man doesn’t have good pronunciation. The video was made before the last person moved out.

“OK, here we are in Buford, Wyoming. Population 1. I think that’s the one. There is the store and that’s about it. That’s it and that's all, man.”

Written by Libor for News in Levels

Interesting words: for sale, connect, view.

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