Tradition in Barcelona - level 3

Tradition in Barcelona - level 3

23-12-2013 06:00

Christmas arrives in Barcelona and with the usual festive figurines comes a strange Catalan tradition that of the “caganer” or “pooper”.

Traditionally, a caganer shows a peasant wearing a red beret and a white blouse bending over and going to the toilet, but in recent years an array of popular characters and celebrities have also been captured with their pants down with nobody being spared.

“I think it’s incredible. It’s funny. I’ve never heard of it and I think we should really start bringing it to America because it’s a great tradition.”

The figurines are often placed under bridges, behind haystacks or in the nativity scene… the choice of Barcelona’s midfielder Fabregas.

“My caganer has been in our nativity for three years now. My grandmother found it somewhere and bought it. It’s a very beautiful tradition and we have to keep it.”

Yes, because nothing beats a figurine of yourself squatting behind the manger

Difficult words: festive (cheerful), peasant (poor farmer), beret (cap), array (group of things), haystack (pile of hay – dry grass), nativity scene (model of the baby Jesus and his parents in the place where he was born), midfielder (the player who usually plays in the central part of the field), squat (to sit with your knees bent and your bottom just off the ground, balancing on your feet), manger (small farm building where animals sleep, where Jesus was born).

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