Train accident in Quebec - level 3

Train accident in Quebec - level 3

15-07-2013 06:00

"We know that around 50 people are still reported missing. The number has been stabilising there, all the afternoon. And right now, we can say that we have almost 50 people are reported missing."

The death toll in Quebec's oil train disaster has jumped to 13. As police indicates, that there are tens of people still missing.

"If anybody has information as to somebody that's in Canada and has been missing they can call their consulate here in Canada have them talk to us."

With few now expecting any of the missing to be found alive, the derailment and explosion could be the worst accident in Canada since the Swiss Air crash of 1998 in which 229 people died.

The 73-car train carrying crude oil derailed in downtown Lac-Megantic on Saturday, setting of a series of explosions and spreading fires that engulfed more than 30 buildings.

Canadian crash investigators say they are now looking at the train's brakes after air brakes that would have prevented the disaster failed because they were powered by an engine that had been shut down shortly before the calamity occurred.

Interesting words: death toll (number of deaths), consulate (someone from government), crude oil (raw oil), derail (accidentally leave the tracks), engulf (cover).

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