Train accident in Spain - level 3

Train accident in Spain - level 3

29-07-2013 14:00

This is the moment a train derailed in Spain. The terrifying footage has emerged just hours after the crash near Santiago de Compostela. The video caught on one of the track sides security cameras.

The aftermath in the north west of the country described by a local official as a scene from hell--a horrifying mess of mangled metal and carriages. One of the only ways to get to people who were trapped was by smashing the windows.

At least 78 people have died and more than 131 injured. Three days of national mourning have been declared. An investigation is now looking at who was driving at the time of the crash and whether speed was an issue here with reports suggesting the train was travelling too fast on the bend.

Difficult words: derail (get out of tracks), aftermath (situation after an accident), mangled (destroyed), mourn (be sad after someone's death).

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