Train almost hits a man - level 3

Train almost hits a man - level 3

02-03-2016 07:00

This is the moment a man was nearly hit by a train travelling at around 55 miles per hour (88 kilometres per hour). The close shave was captured by CCTV at Craigieburn Station in the state of Victoria, Australia.

A customer walked onto the line without paying attention and made it to the edge of the opposite platform before hearing the train as the driver sounded his horn and applied the emergency brake.

Although it was too late to stop the train completely, the driver's evasive measures meant the foolish pedestrian had just enough time to get out of the way of the fast-moving vehicle.
One customer could not bear to watch. As she saw the even unfold, she put her face against the fence so not to see.

Difficult words: close shave (when something almost happens), CCTV (security camera footage), brake (a device which makes a vehicle slow down or stop), evasive (avoiding – trying not to hit the pedestrian), measure (an action, an act), pedestrian (somebody who’s walking), bear (to be strong enough), unfold (to happen).


Are you careful around trains?

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