Train almost hits two women - level 3

Train almost hits two women - level 3

07-08-2014 15:00

Two Indiana women are lucky to be alive after they were run over by a coal train when they found themselves trapped on a railroad bridge.

This incredible video footage shows the women literally running for their lives before laying down in the middle of the tracks.

The train, which has a mere ten inches of clearance above the railroad ties, miraculously passes harmlessly over them.

After the train stopped, both women stood up and ran away and apparently the only injury was a stubbed toe.

Yeah, that's what you call a lucky escape!

Difficult words: trapped (not able to escape), incredible (unbelievable), literally (exactly), mere (only), clearance (clear space), railroad ties (support for the rails in railroad tracks), miraculous (something amazing happened), stub (hit), lucky escape (action of escaping danger narrowly).


Is it illegal to walk on railway tracks?

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