Train crash in Argentina - level 3, A12

Train crash in Argentina - level 3, A12

22-02-2012 23:00

A train crashed at a railway station in Buenos Aires. It has killed 49 people and more than 600 people were injured.

The train hit the barrier at the end of the platform during the morning rush hour. There was probably some problem with the brakes. The engine was destroyed and the carriages behind it were pressed together. The train was going 20km/h, so it was travelling fast.

The train was full of people. After the crash, people started to break windows. They wanted to get out of the train fast. However, a lot of people were trapped in the train and couldn’t get out.

When the crash happened, people hit different things inside the train. There was a lot of broken metal and glass. People had serious injuries. Doctors who helped at the scene had more work than they could handle. A lot of people needed help at the same time. It was a horrible situation.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: rush, trap.

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