Train goes through a market - level 3, A12

Train goes through a market - level 3, A12

22-08-2012 18:00

Every morning vendors at this market on the outskirts of Bangkok arrange their seafood, vegetables and flowers like thousands of others around Thailand.

It looks like any other fresh fruit market in the south-east Asian country. But the Talad Rom Hub market has a surprise up his sleeve.

Customers move aside and the two hundred vendors swiftly push back awnings and their wares in a well-rehearsed and well-choreographed move as they wait for the train to rumble past.

For locals the bizarre bazaar has become part of their daily routine. But for the 500 stronghold of daily tourists, it has become a must-see attraction.

As soon as the train passes through, it’s back to business. Well, for another hour or so, anyway.


Interesting words: vendor (person who sells on the street), outskirts (parts of a city that are far from the centre), awnings (part of a tent that blocks the sun), wares (goods), rumble (move with a noise), stronghold (place occupied by a special group of people).

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