Train hits a truck - level 3

Train hits a truck - level 3

24-10-2013 06:00

The sound of an approaching train but it’s not enough.

An almighty crash in Texas as it slams into the stationary truck at a crossing in Midland County.

Large metal pipes are sent flying into the air like straws, scattered, as reports say the truck was pushed half a mile before it stopped.

The truck driver reportedly told local media he had stopped on the tracks to give way to other drivers but had broken down and couldn’t move his vehicle before the crash happened. He managed to get out alive but 100 gallons of diesel fuel were spilled and a rail crossing sign damaged in the accident.

It took hours for authorities to clear the debris from the Union Pacific Railroad Crossing and reopen it.

Difficult words: almighty (great), slam (hit), stationary (not moving), scatter (throw in many directions), break down (stop working), debris (rubbish).

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