Training for a big jump - level 3

Training for a big jump - level 3

11-03-2014 07:00

If you think this looks terrifying, well, it’s just a trial run. As high altitude climber and wingsuit explorer, Joby Ogwyn, prepares for his Mount Everest jump over California.

The Louisiana-born daredevil is the world record holder for the fastest Everest climb at nine and a half hours, and for his televised jump in May, he plans to climb to the summit in five days and get back down in less than 10 minutes.

“This is a very, very, big, very sophisticated big project with a million different moving parts. It’s like a shuttle mission in a lot of ways. There’s so many things that need to go right, so many things that could go wrong. So in that way, it’s a real adventure. One that we’ll ride out to the very end.”

And if all goes to plan, Ogwyn will be the first man to fly a wingsuit next to the 29,000-foot mountain.

Difficult words: trial run (test to see what happens),  daredevil (person who likes doing dangerous things), summit (top), sophisticated (advanced and complicated).

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