Transport police officer - level 3

Transport police officer - level 3

27-03-2014 07:00

This surveillance footage shows a transit police officer in Philadelphia being attacked.

An unidentified man was removed from a train after threatening to shoot passengers.

Because of the man’s strange behaviour, transit police officer Ronald Jones confronted him, but he then pushed Jones to the ground, throwing punches and kicks.

The attacker was eventually restrained on the ground with help from some passers-by.

According to witnesses, the subject managed to get away from police and returned to the train, trying to grab a child, but was unable to do so.

More officers were then called to the scene and the subject was taken into custody. Officer Jones was unhurt by the confrontation.

Difficult words: surveillance (security), eventually (in the end), restrain (make stop moving), custody (prison).

Is transport safe in your city?

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