Tropical storm in Bangladesh - level 3

Tropical storm in Bangladesh - level 3

09-04-2015 07:00

A severe storm sweeping across Bangladesh has killed at least 24 people and injured dozens more.

Bogra District, in the northern part of the country, 228 kilometres from capital Dhaka, was worst hit, as the tropical storm ripped through the region overnight, leaving a trail of destruction.

According to police and officials, women and children were among the dead, who included some victims in Dhaka, and more than 50 people were injured and admitted to hospitals around the country. Bogra’s Chief District Administrator told reporters the storm killed at least 14 people alone in his district.

Several houses were damaged while trees were uprooted, he said, adding the power supply had been cut off for several hours.

Victims died after they were buried under collapsed houses and trees, while some were electrocuted by electrical wires from fallen poles.

Weather officials have said this was the first severe storm of the usual spring storm season following a weather pattern that develops in the Bay of Bengal during the summer.

Difficult words: severe (great), sweep (to move quickly), dozens (a lot), official (somebody in a position of authority), electrocute (to kill by electricity), pole (a long, thin thing which carries electricity on top), weather pattern (a type of weather which happens every year).


Are there tropical storms in your country?

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