Trump art – level 3

01-04-2016 07:00

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has been portrayed in many ways during his time in the spotlight, many focusing on his bouffant hair, orange skin and supposedly small hands. But a British artist has now used raw pig and sheep’s parts to represent him in a whole new way at a Hong Kong art show.

“Well, I mean, so if you look at the elements in the work, it’s full of references to the commodities market, whether that’s crude oil pouring out of the holes of his suit, which are chunks of rubble that I’ve painted gold in reference to his empire of buildings, and, you know, essentially although it seems clear that financially he would’ve been better off just investing all of his inheritance, most of which he’s been involved in his failed business ventures whilst at the same time promising that he’s gonna make America great.”

The Trump installation is a photograph of a human model wearing a blond bouffant hairpiece over a face constructed from a real pig’s snout and sheep’s eyeballs. But that’s not all: a half-eaten croissant, raw fish, chunks of rubble covered in gold leaf and a suit splashed with crude oil complete the ensemble.

He went on to say that he has used this installation to illustrate his impressions of Trump, stating that he is nothing more than a “deranged, insecure attention-seeker“.

Difficult words: frontrunner (somebody who is leading), spotlight (the public eye), bouffant (styled so as to stand out from the head in a rounded shape), supposedly (according to what people say), element (a part, a component), commodities (a raw material that people buy and sell), chunk (a piece), inheritance (the money and the things that you get after your parents die), rubble (the pieces of a destroyed building), business venture (a risky business-doing), snout (the nose), gold leaf (gold that people beat into a thin sheet to use in covering something with gold), ensemble (a set of things), deranged (mad), insecure (unconfident), attention-seeker (somebody who seeks or looks for attention – people’s interest).



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