Turkey shoots down a Russian plane - level 3

Turkey shoots down a Russian plane - level 3

26-11-2015 07:00

Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken out to say the loss is a stab in the back delivered to them by accomplices of terrorists.

This footage reportedly shows Russian military helicopters searching for the pilot of a downed jet near the Syrian border. Both Turkish military officials and a Russian President Vladimir Putin have verified that the Russian warplane was shot down, although the reasons behind the incident are contradictory.

Turkmen commander Selleck says the jet was taken down after multiple warnings that it was violating their airspace. He says the pilots were retrieved dead after his comrades opened fire into the air. Here he shows a piece of parachute collected from the fallen.

The crew reportedly ejected from the plane before it crashed into the mountains of northern Latakia.

Putin confirmed that the plane was shot down over Syrian territory by an air-to-air missile from a Turkish F-16 aircraft. He adds that the pilots and planes were in no way threatening Turkey and were carrying out their duty to fight Islamic State. A Syrian military source said the incident is now under investigation.

Difficult words: stab in the back (when you do something bad to a friend), accomplice (a person who helps someone), footage (video), reportedly (according to some), verify (to say that something is true), contradictory (different – at least one thing is not correct or true), violate (to do something against the rules), fallen (dead or wounded people), retrieve (to recover), comrade (a colleague, a friend).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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