Turtles in the Amazon - level 3

Turtles in the Amazon - level 3

09-11-2016 15:00

People put thousands of tiny turtles into large water-filled containers. The Peruvian turtles waited to be released into the wild. This was part of efforts to conserve the species on the verge of extinction.

Staff from Peru’s National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State released some 17,000 baby turtles into the Amazon. This was part of an ongoing program to increase numbers.

A once thriving population has been under pressure in recent years due to development and logging in the region. Peru’s government classified the animals as vulnerable and officials hope that this mass release will give the little turtles a fighting chance.

Difficult words: on the verge of (close to), thriving (prospering), logging (cutting down trees), mass (all at once), fighting chance (a chance to succeed if you fight for it).

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