TV station on fire - level 3

TV station on fire - level 3

18-10-2013 06:00

A group of masked men have broken into a Maldives TV station and set it on fire.

The men poured a flammable liquid over the studio desks before igniting it.

It’s claimed the men attacked the privately owned channel Raajje TV because it supported the country’s former leader Mohammed Nasheed. He was forced from office last year in contested circumstances. His supporters say he was ousted in a coup.

Last month Nasheed won a first round vote in the presidential election, but just hours before this fire the Maldives Supreme Court annulled the results and called for a fresh ballot.

Difficult words: flammable (easily set on fire), ignite (set on fire), claim (say), contested (problematic), circumstances (situation), oust (make somebody leave), coup (revolution), annul (cancel), ballot (voting).

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