Two angry men in Italy - level 3

Two angry men in Italy - level 3

15-01-2014 06:00

A drive-by shooting shattered the peace and quiet in this small Italian town, when two armed men on a scooter fired 11 bullets at two grocery shop workers.

CCTV footage has now been released which shows two men pull up outside the store and begin firing.

In total, eleven calibre nine bullets were shot at their victims. The video shows one of the men run off down the street, while the other hides in the shop. When they have finished, the shooters race off after the man who ran away.

It has taken almost two years for police in Reggion Calabria to make arrests over the shooting, but they have now charged two men with attempted murder. It’s thought one of the victims owed one of his attackers a few thousand Euros after buying a second-hand motorbike from him, and this may be the motive behind the attack.

Officers say it was only due to bad aim and faulty weapons that the two victims walked away unhurt.

Difficult words: drive-by shooting (people shoot while moving in a vehicle), shatter (break into small pieces), peace and quiet (calm environment), CCTV (security camera), pull up (to stop in front of), fire (shoot), victim (somebody who’s been attacked), run off (run away), race off (drive fast away from somewhere), due to (because of), aim (directing a weapon at somebody).

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