Two big pandas are in Canada – level 3

Two big pandas are in Canada – level 3

29-03-2013 14:00

FedExed all the way from China, two giant pandas make their way to Canada for the start of a ten-year loan in their own personalised plane. Er Shun and Da Mao also earned a personal welcome from Prime Minister Stephen Harper who confirmed their safe delivery.

"Well, that was quite a moment. It's not every day in your life you get to sign for pandas."

Officials hope they’ll mate during their five years in Toronto and subsequent five years in Calgary to produce the first Canadian-born panda cubs.

And the work doesn’t end here for this very special delivery. FedEx will also fly in up to 900 kilos of bamboo each week from a zoo in Tennessee.

Interesting words: FedExed (transported by FedEx company), mate (have sex to produce babies), subsequent (happening after something else).

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