Two cars hit one man - level 3

Two cars hit one man - level 3

12-11-2011 17:00

Two workers were leaving a house. One man wanted to release the handbrake. He couldn’t do it because he was so big. So he got out of his car and released it from the outside. However, the road was a bit up the hill and the car started to go. He wasn’t able to stop it and the car ran over him. The other man saw what was happening and ran quickly to catch the car but he forgot to put on his handbrake. And the first man was hit by the second car.

The second man stopped the car of his friend but his own car disappeared in the wood.

The man who was hit by two cars didn’t break any bone because his was so big. He had some cuts but his bones were OK.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: release, however, disappear

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